SAFE HARBOR - Terms of Use Agreement

Please read the following Terms of Use Agreement. In order to create a new account or access an existing one (i.e., SAFE HARBOR record), you must first agree to the Safe Harbor Terms of Use by ticking the corresponding box on the login page. For more information on the SAFE HARBOR program, including self-certification, see

Note: is managed by the International Trade Administration (ITA), a bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and follows ITA's Web Site Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Statement.

The Department of Commerce/ITA requires all users to have a valid registered username (i.e., a username of record) and password to access a SAFE HARBOR account. Only those with a username of record and password will be able to electronically file SAFE HARBOR submissions, including first time self-certification submissions, recertification submissions, and update submissions outside of the recertification process.

At the time of username registration the user is asked to provide basic information, including the name of his/her organization (i.e., the organization self-certifying its compliance with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and/or the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework), as well as his/her name, e-mail address, and telephone number.

Note: The moment a new self-certification is finalized or an existing record is successfully updated either during or outside of the recertification process, all of the information provided on the main page of the submission, with the exception of information on levels of sales or number of employees, will become publicly accessible via the Safe Harbor List web pages ( and/or

As stated above, a user will only be able to log into a particular SAFE HARBOR account if he/she uses the username of record. It is not possible to have more than one username of record for a particular SAFE HARBOR account or for a user to register the same username for multiple SAFE HARBOR accounts. Users may use the password reset tool provided they have the username of record.

The SAFE HARBOR TEAM strongly recommends that the username of record be based on the organization's name, as this minimizes the likelihood that the username will have to be reset in the future. Usernames based on personal names should be avoided when creating a new SAFE HARBOR account. Once registered, the username of record can only be reset by the SAFE HARBOR TEAM.

If a user does not know the username of record, he/she should contact the SAFE HARBOR TEAM. A user must not attempt to register a new username if a SAFE HARBOR account or record already exists for that organization.

Do you have a question for the SAFE HARBOR TEAM? If so, please email Safe Harbor for assistance.