Organization Information:

2Wire, Inc. d/b/a Pace Americas
1764 Automation Parkway
San Jose, California- 95131
Phone: 408-321-1535
Fax: 408-428-9590

Organization Contact:

Contact Office: Legal Office
Name: David Cordeiro , VP & Deputy General Counsel
Phone: 408-321-1444
Fax: 408-428-9590

Corporate Officer:

Corporate Officer: Jonathan Cobb , President, Software and Services
Phone: 408-321-1531
Fax: 408-428-9590

Safe Harbor Information:

Original Certification: 6/3/2013
U.S.-EU Certified Through 6/3/2015

Personal Information Received from the EU/EEA and/or Switzerland:
In connection with providing services to its corporate customers, Pace collects and maintains certain personal information about these customers’ customers (“End Users”) and the equipment that Pace Americas’ customers use to provide services to End Users. Pace Americas receives this information as a data processor, and all such information is owned and controlled by Pace Americas’ customers and is subject to their instructions.
Privacy Policy Effective: 5/31/2013

Regulated By: Federal Trade Commission

Privacy Programs:

Verification: In-house

Dispute Resolution:
Applicable EU Protection Authorities

Personal Data Covered: The personal data transferred may include the IP address of the device. This information will be maintained primarily in an online database restricted to the use of Pace Americas and its corporate customers, and Pace Americas will maintain backups of this data offline. The data processed will not include any manually processed data or human resources data.
Organization Human Resource Data Covered: No
Agrees to Cooperate and Comply with the EU and/or Swiss Data Protection Authorities: Yes

Relevant Countries from which Personal Information is Received:
United Kingdom

Industry Sectors:
Telecommunications Services - (TES)
Telecommunications Equipment - (TEL)