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12 Forward Entertainment, LLC
2601 Gaston Ave.
Dallas, Texas- 75226
Phone: 214-855-0050
Fax: 214-855-0505

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Contact Office: 12 Forward Entertainment
Name: Melanie Wester , CEO
Phone: 214-855-0050
Fax: 214-855-0505

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Corporate Officer: Chase W. Ewing , Producer
Phone: 214-855-0050
Fax: 214-855-0505

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Original Certification: 12/7/2009
U.S.-EU Certified Through 12/7/2014

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Set in the heart of Dallas, 12 Forward Entertainment is the up and coming television production company in the southwest. Now Specializing in non-scripted programming, 12 Forward has been producing award winning content for TV, film and other media for over a decade. Our passion is dynamic storytelling with compelling characters as big as Texas... just check out CMT's Gator 911. But come on ya'll, if that isn't enough, as masters of new technology and the tapeless workflow, 12 Forward combines all the latest tools of the trade to ensure our shows captivate the viewer for a stunning tv experience. Did we mention the owners, Terry & Melanie Wester, are both 5th generation Texans?
Privacy Policy Effective: 10/14/2009
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We will utilize the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for dispute resolutions.

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